Kinect and Arduino one step ahead to Computer Science

1st step is open to understand WAMPSERVER

I get reference to use WAMPSERVER for my project, but not really understand what the content inside use for. This is really new for an engineering student who would like to master on computer science, especially on Apache, PHP and MySQL (content inside WAMPSERVER software).

I got the big picture on how they should really look like.

I made often static webpage in my junior high school, the webpage show only information to the user, and I can do it easily by coding HTML, very easy. It does not need any interaction to the user, it is “static” webpage.

At these days, many webpages require interaction to the user such as which keep the user login information, store the comment and reply, etc. It is then called “dynamic” webpage.

But how to start make it or at least know how it works!

Notice this, in order to process and develop dynamic web page, there are at least three main components build it:

1. a WebServer

2. a Server-Side Programming Language

3. a Database

Confusing when first have to know one by one of these menu


Many WebServer we may find, they are APACHE, Microsoft’s Internet Information System (IIS), etc.

WebServer has duty to turn browser requests into resulting web pages and knows how to process PHP code. PHP is only a programming language, so without the power of a web server behind it, there would be no way for web users to reach the pages containing the PHP code.

Server-Side Programming Language

They are PHP, Sun’s Java Server Pages (JSP), Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP).

It is the language to command the server and the client, so both are able to communicate


It functions as the place to store and organize the data. Favorite database nowadays are MySQL and ORACLE or Microsoft SQL Server.

In this case, I decide to APACHE as my WebServer, PHP as my Server-Side Programming Language, and MySQL as my Database because it is cool, open-source, and cooperate with many OS also it is easy to find in WAMPSERVER, one package. 😀


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