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How to Assemble 2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit

2WD MiniQ Robot Chassis+ Kit is robotic frame/skeleton consist of small parts and component ready to assemble. It consists of chassis, screw, acrylic base, motors, motor brackets, and rubber wheels. It is like TAMIYA toys which needs to be plugged each parts.

It really helps my project which require a tiny vehicle. It is cheaper to buy than to manufacture this from the scratch. At the first time before recognize this Robot Chassis, I had already check for the price to design the model, to laser the acrylic, to cut the board, and the little tiny bit of other components could approach about IDR 1 million. It is because the machine (CNC machine) is very expensive and worker time is high for only single user, they said. I wish one day I could buy home CNC machine.

I bought this Robot Chassis+ Kit in FamosaStudio without any how to guidance.

I would like to share the experience to assembly it, it is interesting and cool!

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The acrylic really helps as the base to put many shield or dc power supply without any friction with the rubber wheel.

Thank you for this design! Hope you enjoy it, feel free to comment.


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