Kinect and Arduino one step ahead to Computer Science

Just Buy Kinect for Windows

kinect for windows

The advance of technology bring me to this fascinating device, Kinect for Windows. It is such a lovely device to experiment with programming and hardware integration, hoping it can integrate to Arduino to drive some hardware.

In Indonesia, Kinect for Windows is not available yet while it is posted. Fortunately, I could get it from Japan brought by my friend for about IDR 2.400.000 (two point four million Rupiahs), a little bit expensive than US$ 249.99 with currency 1 US$ = IDR 9600.

It is a little bit different compare to above picture, here is the real physical appereance:

Kinect for Windows real physical appereanceIt is printed “KINECT” at the right body and “Microsoft” at the base. It is made by glossy material, so you will get your printed fingers and dust there. In the box, there is only usb connector to DC adapter and guidebook in Japanese.

There are currently three ways to but a Kinect sensor.

  • Kinect for Windows (US$ 249.99) the one I have
  • Kinect for Xbox 360 as a standalone peripheral to be use with purchased Xbox 360 (US$ 129.99)
  • Kinect for Xbox 360 bundled with the Xbox 360 (from US$ 299.99)

If you purchase the new Kinect for Windows or the Kinect for Xbox 360 as a standalone peripheral, both
are ready to connect to your computer.

The Kinect SDK v1.6 and Kinect for Developer Toolkit v1.6 software is just installed, it really need a lot and high requirements. Because of this, Lenovo AIO 520 is the best decision I had ever made to replace the old notebook. It really works well in Lenovo (which it is captured behind the Kinect) with Intel core i7 3.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, and 2 GB Nvidia Graphic Card, absolutely nice!

Some problem were found when my computer could not detect any Kinect device connected, it stated “No ready Kinect found”. It was solved then when I plugged it into USB 3.0, probably faster, then started to explore.

It is just lovely to have experimental device in your little laboratory. So, I encourage you to have Kinect for Windows and explore it for the purpose of learning, never stop learning!


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