Kinect and Arduino one step ahead to Computer Science


kinect motion detection sugi

I am Sugianto Thoeng, 21 years old.

I am a self-learner, but have Electrical Engineering background (theoretical).

Every single thing I do right now I believe it will be connecting my and others future in earlier age.
Particulary in electronic stuffs like Microcontroller, Networking, Microcomputer, Sensors, Programming, Embedded Systems, Shields and many other else will be the best start to understand how tiny the world is, how challenging these work, and how fun to be shared/taught for next generations, who will comprehend these in their earlier age.
This blog will be my journal not to forget every single experiment I have been through.

Happy sharing 😀

Contact me:

Email: forum: creativen

Facebook: Sugianto Thoeng

Linkedin: Sugianto Thoeng


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